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What is the tennessee valley corridor?

The Tennessee Valley Corridor was organized in 1995 based on the ideas of former Tennessee Governor and U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander and former Tennessee Congressman Zach Wamp. In the 1980s, Governor Alexander had a vision to create an “Oak Ridge Corridor” to link the Department of Energy facilities in Oak Ridge, the Tennessee Valley Authority and the University of Tennessee to showcase the wealth of brainpower in the mid-East Tennessee region. In 1995 former Congressman Wamp founded an annual Science & Technology Summit to convene representatives from government, academia and business to collaborate on ways to bring greater attention to the economic impact of the Department of Energy missions in Oak Ridge. These two complementary ideas of a “Corridor and Summit” merged and resulted in the creation of a 501-c-6 organization, the Tennessee Valley Corridor (TVC), that now represents a footprint of 12 congressional districts in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina. Through the leadership of its 35-member board of directors, the TVC convenes an annual National Summit, promotes initiatives to advance the TVC’s mission and to encourage on-going collaboration in energy, science, environment, space, national security and education.

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Promote the Tennessee Valley Corridor’s national leadership in science and technology through regional cooperation.


Sustain the Tennessee Valley Corridor’s existing federal missions, compete for new federal investments and leverage these investments to grow more private sector job opportunities.


Convene key leaders in the TVC on a regular basis to create relationships, working collaborations and common goals.

Communicate the TVC’s reputation as an important science and technology center, internally and externally.

Align the focus of the TVC with those of the TVC Congressional Caucus, the TVC Leadership Council and other partners.

Celebrate the accomplishments of TVC organizations and individuals in promoting the TVC Vision and Mission.

Create and implement program initiatives to further the TVC’s mission.

Economic Impact in the Tennessee Valley Corridor

Leadership Council Members, Federal Agencies, & Partners with the TVC

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TVC Leadership Council

The TVC Leadership Council is an opportunity for companies and organizations to enhance their participation and involvement in TVC’s regional activities throughout the year. Members are engaged in the formation of Summit themes, content of the annual TVC Federal Agenda, focus areas of TVC initiatives, and providing overall input to the TVC Board of Directors.

Current Leadership Council members include:

Tier I members

Tier II members

Tier III members

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TVC Initiatives

The Federal Agenda

Annually, the TVC board of directors, in consultation with members of the Leadership Council and other partners, prepare a TVC Federal Agenda with recommendations on important issues. The agenda is submitted to the 12-member TVC Congressional Caucus, which is chaired by Congressman Chuck Fleischmann.

Workforce Initiative

Assuring a quality workforce is critical to the success of the federal missions in Tennessee Valley Corridor. This initiative works to encourage greater collaboration among the TVC community colleges and federal partners.

Rural Innovation Initiative

In partnership with ORAU and UAH, the Tennessee Valley Corridor’s Rural Innovation Initiative (RII) seeks opportunities to expand the expertise and innovation of our region throughout rural communities – providing economic opportunities to the entire Tennessee Valley Corridor.

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The TVC Congressional Caucus

Why should you participate?


Engage and interact with key leaders in government, business, community, and academia.


Participate in important regional discussions that impact the federal missions in the TVC.


Learn about contracting opportunities with the region's federal partners and their contractors.


Get involved in the TVC's initiatives.


Help shape the future focus of the TVC.

Let’s work together to see how we can advance your objectives through our regional outreach.